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Synthetic Diamond Grits
Monocrystalline diamond
Diamond Micron Powder
CBN abrasive
PDC cutters
Solid PCBN inserts
PCD inserts
PCD cutting tool blanks
Polycrystalline Diamond,PCD
Brazed Diamond Tools
Diamond Grinding Wheels
Diamond belt,CBN sandpaper
Circular Diamond Saw Blade
Diamond Segments
Diamond wire saw
CVD products
Diamond Core Bits
Diamond Cup Wheel
Diamond scribing wheel,glass cutter
PCD Cup Grinding Wheel
Flexible Polishing Pad
PCD Wire Drawing Die Blank
Diamond Honing Stone
Electroplated Diamond Tools
[ Machinery And Equipments ]
About us
East Diamond Industrial Co.,Ltd. and Hunan Real Tech Superabrasive & Tool Co.,Ltd. is mainly in studying, developing, producing synthetic diamond powder,CBN,PCD and CBN inserts,Diamond grinding wheels,and other diamond and CBN tools.

We have a complete set of equipment concerning raw materials selecting, powder manufacturing, particle size accuracy &tool safety inspection. The annual synthetic diamond production amounts to 1000 0000 carats. We develop high producing technique and inspecting technique to guarantee the quality, we've established the quality analysis center with high level and had a group of the administrative personnel and of technicians with great ability and a strict system of quality control.

We have been trying our best to improve each product of ours so that the customers may enjoy the more efficacious, more precise in size,specification and safer tool working, We keep a close watchful eye to the variation of demand for the synthetic diamond,diamond tools in the superabrasives working lines, we manufacturing many kinds of diamond tools such as resin bond diamond grinding wheel,vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel,metal bond diamond grinding wheel,diamond saw blade for granite,diamond saw blade for marble,asphalt,concrete and sandstone,diamond segments,Polycrystalline diamond,Polycrystalline diamond compact,Flexible polishing pad,diamond cup wheels etc.. We have developed those products and will do every effort to develop any other diamond and CBN products benefiting the industrial working.

After many years of our perseverance, Our products have been salable in northern America, western Europe and southeast Asia. our products enjoying good reputation. We are confident of supplying you with reliable synthetic diamond and diamond tools., any old and new customers are welcome!

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Synthetic Diamond Grits Diamond Micron Powder CBN abrasives PDC cutters PCBN ,solid PCBN PCD,TSP
PCD inserts Brazed Diamond Tools Diamond grinding Wheels Diamond CBN Sandpaper Diamond Saw Blade CVD products
Diamond Segments Diamond Wire Saw Diamond Core Drill Bit Diamond Cup Wheels Diamond scribing Wheel Diamond Glass Cutter
PCD Cup Grinding Wheel Resin Polishing Pads PCD Wire Drawing Die Blank Diamond Honing Stone Electroplated diamond tool [ Machinery &Equipments ]
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