Walter CNC machine grinding wheel,PCD grinding diamond wheel ,5-axis CNC grinding wheel,Ceramic/Vitrified bond grinding wheel
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Diamond grinding Wheel
Our diamond grinding wheels with various specifications and the grinding wheels include resin bondand vitrified/ceramic diamond and CBN grinding wheels. Resin bond diamond wheel mainly used for tungsten carbide tool grinding and sharpening,like the grining of carbide tipped circular saw blades.CBN wheels use for the steel grinding.
Our diamond grinding wheels and CBN grinding wheels of excellent.At present, grinding is one of main machining methods in finish machining and semi-finish machining and grinding wheel is an important grinding tool in the process of grinding machining. Diamond and CBN grinding wheel is usually mounted on surface grinding machine (CNC machine and 5 axis CNC grinder machine), external circular grinding machine and internal circular grinding machine, and can also be mounted on grinding wheel machine, knife grinder and universal cutter grinder for grinding of cutting tool. According to different functions, grinding mode and type of grinding machine, CNC grinding wheel is manufactured into ones with all kinds of shapes and sizes, and common grinding wheel includes plane diamond/CBN grinding wheel, cylinder diamond grinding wheel, double hypotenuse grinding wheel, cup grinding wheel, flaring cup wheel, disc wheel, centerless diamond grinding wheel, etc.
We supply top quality wheels for 5-Axis Walter CNC machining machine,germany walter grinding machine, austrailian Annca CNC machine high precision wheels.75mm,100mm,125mm,150mm
5-axis CNC machine grinding whee
5-axis CNC grinding wheel, 1A1,11V9 and 12V9 for Walter Machine
Walter Machine grinding wheel
Gridning wheels for CNC machine,Walter 5-axis diamond grinding wheel, 1A1,11V9 and 12V9 wheel type for carbide tools
PCD grinding diamond wheel
PCD grinding diamond wheel
PCD diamond grinding wheel
Ceramic/vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel for PCD grinding 6A2
1A1diamond grinding wheel 1A1R diamond cutting wheel 4A2 diamond grinding wheel 4BT9 diamond grinding wheel 6A2 diamond grinding wheel
6A9 diamond grinding wheel 6A9 double rim diamond wheel 9A3 diamond grinding wheel 11A2 diamond grinding wheel 11V2 diamond grinding wheel
11V9 diamond grinding wheel 12A2-20° diamond grinding wheel 12A2-45degree grinding wheel 12A9 diamond grinding wheel 12C9 diamond grinding wheel
12V2 diamond grinding wheel 12V4 diamond grinding wheel 12V5 diamond grinding wheel 12V9 diamond grinding wheel 14A1 diamond grinding wheel
14EE1 diamond grinding wheel 14F1 diamond grinding wheel 14FF1 diamond grinding wheels 14U1 grinding wheels 14V1 diamond grinding wheel
Diamond grinding wheels Diamond grinding wheels Diamond grinding wheels Diamond grinding wheel Resin bond diamond grinding wheel Diamond grinding wheels
CBN wheel for camshaft CBN Grinding wheel for crankshaft Race way CBN grinding wheel
CBN wheel for slot edge grinding CBN flat grinding wheel tapered both side Cup,taper cup,saucer shaped grinding wheel
Double-disk surface grinding wheel Internal grinding wheel CBN wheel for conical face &internal grinding
Synthetic Diamond Grits Diamond Micron Powder CBN abrasives PDC cutters PCBN ,solid PCBN PCD,TSP
PCD inserts Brazed Diamond Tools Diamond grinding Wheels Diamond CBN Sandpaper Diamond Saw Blade CVD products
Diamond Segments Diamond Wire Saw Diamond Core Drill Bit Diamond Cup Wheels Diamond scribing Wheel Diamond Glass Cutter
PCD Cup Grinding Wheel Resin Polishing Pads PCD Wire Drawing Die Blank Diamond Honing Stone Electroplated diamond tool [ Machinery &Equipments ]
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