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Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond is one of the important methods for diamond growth. During the processes of deposition, activated gas-phase carbon-containing precursor is transmitted to the substrate to form diamond lattice. This generally involves thermal (e.g. hot filament) or plasma (D.C., R.F., or microwave) activation, or use of a combustion flame (oxyacetylene or plasma torches).
The resulting films are polycrystalline, and the growth rates for the various deposition processes vary considerably, and it is usually found that higher growth rates can be achieved only at the expense of a corresponding loss of film quality.
CVD diamond like CVD diamond dresser has many excellent properties compared with other materials in terms of chemical and physical aspects, and shares almost all unique properties of natural diamond. Here is a table about some parameters of diamond properties.
In general,CVD diamond is a polycrystalline diamond material synthesized under the process of chemical vapor deposition. The material can be either deposited as coatings to substrates,or grown as thick film diamond. As there is no binder phase in CVD diamond,thus the majority of its properties are similar to that of high quality mono diamond.Therefore,CVD diamond has been vastly applied in mechanical,thermal and optical applications,while typical products include cutting tools,dressing tools,wire dies,wear parts,heat sinks,optical windows and so on.Compared with PCD,CVD diamond has the advantages of better surface finish,higher thermal stability and superior wear resistance.By using premium grade thick film CVD diamond and adopting advanced brazing and grinding technologies,we produces a full line of top quality cutting tools,which are the most sought after items for the machining of copper,aluminum
and alloys.
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Triangle CVD diamond Square CVD diamond Round CVD diamond CVD diamond bar, CVD diamond stick CVD diamond bar, CVD diamond stick
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CVD diamond dresser CVD diamond dresser CVD diamond dresser CVD diamond dresser  
CVD diamond dresser CVD diamond dresser CVD diamond dresser CVD diamond dresser  
Item Name

( according to requests )

CVD applications

CVD diamond wafer

30×30mm2, thickness:0.2-1.5mm
Single surface polishing or double surfaces polishing. 

CVD diamond heat spreader

thickness: 0.2-0.8mm
Single surface polishing or double surfaces polishing. 

The cooling of high-power electronic devices (laser diodes),
CVD diamond bar /CVD diamond fresser 0.6×0.6×3-8mm3
0.8×0.8×3-8 mm3
Dressing use
CVD diamond cube 0.8×0.8×0.8mm3 Dressing  use
CVD Grinding wheel dresser

10×5×40, 1-6point

Grinding wheel dressing
CVD diamond die blank

Inscribed circle diameter× thickness(mm2):
1.5 × 0.7, 1.5 × 0.8, 2.0 ×0.8, 2.0 × 1.0

Drawing die
CVD diamond/WC piece Triangle, thickness: 1.6mm
Diamond layer thickness: 0.3-0.7mm
Angle × side length:90°×4.5mm, 80°×4.5mm 70°×4.5mm, 35°×4.5mm.
Machining non-ferrous, plastics, and composite materials.
We currently supply two kinds of CVD diamond dressing logs.
1、CDP (CVD diamond dressing logs)
The length direction of the dressing log is parallel to the top surface of CVD diamond films. This product is easy to deposit and to be laser-cut, the production cost is comparatively lower, most CVD diamond dressing bars being used worldwide of this type. The diamond grains are prone to crack in the dressing and truing process, hence its performance is not as good as that of mono diamond, especially when they are processed into sharp dressers. As a result, its applications in high precision dressers have been severely restricted.
2、CDT (CVD diamond dressing logs)
The length direction of CDT is perpendicular to the top surface of CVD diamond films. In the deposition of CVD diamond, the grains grow from small nuclei which inter-grow as they become larger and the layer becomes thicker giving it a columnar structure. Acicular diamond grains grow perpendicular to the wafer surface, and adjacent grains are connected through inter-granular bond. The quality of CVD diamond mainly rests with two parts, namely the quality of acicular diamond grains and the bonding strength between adjacent grains. This columnar structure determines that, in terms of transverse rapture strength, shock resistance and heat conductivity, the performance in the direction of diamond thickness is far better than that parallel to the top surface of diamond wafers. Consequently, CDT would no doubt be much more advantageous than CDP.
The deposition of thicker CVD diamond wafers (three millimeters and above) is far more difficult than that of conventional products, and accordingly the cost of laser-cutting would be much higher. Thus CDT has been accepted in very few companies from Europe, and it has not been well popularized.
At present, we produce an extensive range of CVD diamond wafers. The diameter could reach 200 millimeters, while thicknesses from 0.2 to 3.0 millimeters can be available upon request. On the other hand, our laser cutting systems can competently laser-cut diamond with maximal thickness 6 millimeters. We are therefore confident that our CDT would be an ideal product to replace various single crystal diamond dressing logs in the field of truing and dressing applications.
In most respects, CVD diamond dresser exhitbits the extreme chemical and physical properties of natural and high pressure / high temperature (HP/HT) synthetic diamond: It is essentially pure carbon with no binder phase. However, formed as intergrown diamond microcrystallites, CVD diamond is a truly polycrystalline material with a grain structure and rather than a fixed growth habit it has a degree of orientation or "texture". As is the case with many materials grown with thin-film technology, the grains in this CVD diamond grow from small nuclei which intergrow as they become larger and the layer becomes thicker giving it a columnar structure. CVD diamond is chemically inert, it has outstanding thermal conductivity and excellent abrasion resistance. Depending on the synthesis process used, CVD diamond dresser can be engineered to give a range of diamond materials which enable new technologies and new opportunities for research and industry.The hot-filament CVD diamond deposition systems provide highly uniform diamond films with super-fine micro-crystalline diamond, thereby cutting tools made of it exhibits advantageous chip-resistance and surface finish.
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