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Cubic  Boron  Nitride
Cubic boron nitride -CBN abrasives is knwon as the second hardest superabrasives materials,cubic boron nitride is the ideal material to used in resin,metal,vitrified and electroplated bond CBN grinding tools for maching of HSS tols and hard alloys.(Borazon)
The crystal of amber and black color cubic boron nitride are available from our company, thanks to our advance manufacturing technique, now our Cubic Boron Nitride products exported to many foreign customers and accepted welcomed by these CBN tool users.
Cubic boron nitride A01
CBN -A01
A01 CBN powder is amber colored cubic boron nitride crystal,semi tough,irregular monocrystal used in resin bond system.

Cubic boron nitride A02
CBN -A02
A02 grade CBN grit is highly crystallized crystal,it features extremely tough and widely used in metal bond CBN tools and electroplated CBN tools.

Cubic boron nitride A80
A80 grade cubic boron nitride (CBN)abrasive is dark brown colored CBN crystal ,monocrystal,high crystallized,extreme thermal stability,used in vitreous and metal bond systems.

Cubic boron nitride A82
A82 grade CBN crystals is dark brown crystal ,monocrystal,high crystallized,extreme thermal stability,used for heavy grinding to extend productive life in metal bond system and electroplated tools.

Cubic boron nitride B00
The B00 grade cubic boron nitride abrasives is black colored CBN crystal,low toughness,easily fractured monocrystal,suited for resin bond system and grinding in low temperature.

Cubic boron nitride B50
B50 is black colored CBN monocrystal,mainly used in vitreous bond system and electroplated tools.It feasures optimum balance of fracture strength and breakdown characteristics to enhance wheel life and surface polish.

CBN Grit Mesh Size Availability : 60/70, 70/80, 80/100, 100/120, 120/140, 140/170,170/200, 200/230, 230/270, 270/325, 325/400, 400/500, 500/600,600/700,700/800.
CBN Micron Powder Cubic Boron Nitride Coating CBN Mesh Size Comparison Chart
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