Brazed Diamond Drilling bits ,brazed diamond drill bit
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  Brazed Diamond Drill Bits
We produce and export vacuum brazed diamond drilling bits (also call brazed diamond core drill), this kind of vacuum brazed diamond drill bit is mainly used to drill granite,marble,concrete and wall.With years of research and application of drilling bit and the world-advanced technology of diamond brazing,this jagged drilling bit adopts the patent technology,it is with very free drilling,high efficiency,excellence and long drilling life.
brazed diamond drill bit brazed diamond drill bit
Vacuum Brazed Diamond Drilling Bit
(Parallel Shank)
Vacuum Brazed Diamond Drilling Bit
(Thread Shank)
ITEM NO. Dia. Dia. (Shank) Depth of drilling Outer Thread
XLZT 6-200 mm 5-13mm 40mm  
XLZT 6-200 mm M 3/8" or M5/8" or M14.etc 40mm G1/2"
Speed Drilling marble in thickness of 20mm 5-10 secs./bore
Drilling granite in thickness of 20mm 15-40 secs./bore
Working Life Drilling marble in thickness of 20mm 500-2000 secs./bore
Drilling marble in thickness of 20mm 200-400 secs./bore
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