Impregnated non-coring drill bits, surface set diamond non-coring drill bit, non core drill bit
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Surface set diamond core drill bits
We manufacture impregnated non-coring bits and surface set diamond non core drill bits, size available in 56mm,76mm,216mm etc, we just need to know your thread type and sizes to make the non-coring bits. diamond grits in matrix can be 40/60, or 20/30. we used imported natural diamond grits from South Africa, so our surface set diamond non core drill bits keep longlife service time with many good feedbacks from worldwide customers. Also we produce impregnated diamond core drill bits,tungsten carbide core bits,PDC core bits, TSP(geocube) core bits,electroplated diamond core drill bits,non coring bits,reaming shells,core barrels,drilling rods,overshots,diamond casing shoe bit and other diamond drilling equipments and drill rigs for site investigation,mineral exploration,oil well,water well drilling applications. please click the following links to find more information of our drilling bits.
NQ non coring bits
N non coring bits
surface set diamond non-coring bit
surface set diamond non-coring bit
We manufacture core barrels,drill rigs,overshots,impregnated diamond core drill bits,reaming shells,diamond casing shoe bits,PDC core bits,tunsten carbide core bits,electroplated core bits. With special high-frequency welding tenhniques,PDC of high wear resistant is welded to the body as cutting edges.PDC bit is mainly used for geological prospecting,coal ecploration,water conservancy and power engineering,etc

(1) Impregnated diamond core drill bit,surface set diamond core drill bit,PDC core bit,tungsten carbide core bit,geocube core bit,electroplated core bit
(2) Surface set diamond reaming shell,PCD reaming shell,tungsten carbide reaming shell,electroplated reaming shell
(3) Impregnated diamond casing shoe bit and casing bit,surface set diamond casing shoe bits,tungsten carbide casing shoe bit
(4) core barrels of patterns HWF,PWF,SWF,UWF,412F,T2-56,T2-66,T2-86,T2-101,T6-131. And single tube core barrel,double tube core barrel,wireline core barrel,Jet-type reverse circulation core barrel
(5) N overshot,H overshot,wireline overshots

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