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High precision cutting wheel,ceramic tile cutting blade

High precision diamond cutting wheel (also called Ultra thin diamond cutting wheel) used widely in precision cutting ,ceramic cutting blade,hard alloy cutting blade, glass cutting blade, semi-conductor, quartz, ceramics, tungsten carbide tools etc.
High precision diamond and CBN cutting wheels take use of synthetic diamond and CBN superabrasives and high grade metal material, top quality resin bond and metal bond to make wheel high cutting efficiency ,much more long life .
precision cutting blade,ceramic tile cutting blade
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precision cutting blade,ceramic tile cutting blade
Mainly cutting material of high precision diamond cutting wheels:
Ceramic tile: AL2O3、Zr2O、Si3O4、BaTiO3 、CaTiO3 Etc .
Semi Conductors:silicon、Ge、GaP、GaAs、GaAsP  etc.
Metal materials:High speed steel、Tool steel、mould steel、bearing steel non-ferrous metal etc.
Other materials:Tungsten carbide tool, glass, quartz, printing PCB etc.
We supply high precision diamond cutting wheels diameter of: 5 inch (125mm),6 inch (150mm),7inch (180mm),8 inch (200mm) ,10 inch (250mm),12inch (300mm),14inch (350mm),16inch (400mm), the wheel thickness available from 0.3mm to 2.0mm,tolerance +-0.005mm
As for the types of high precision cutting wheel we produce, we can supply the following types: 1A1 1L1 14A1 1FF1 1F1 1EE1V 1V9 1a6Q 1A1R 1E6Q 14E6Q 14EE1 14E1 1DD1 4B1 1A8 etc ..
We also can manufacture the high precision cutting wheel thickness reach 20 dmm according to customers’ request.
Diamond grinding wheels ,resin bond, vitrified bond grinding wheels
vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel vitrified bond diamond grinding whee
The above is our new products of vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel for PCD and natural diamond use,click for more..


Diamond grinding wheels Diamond grinding wheels
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