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  Dry Flexible Diamond Polishing Pads
We supply dry polishing pads (also call dry granite pads ,dry diamond granite polishing pads), our flexible polishing pads offer good stone surface polishing performance ,from rough polishing to fine polishing,your can choose our lattice ,turbo surfaced and dry stone polishing pads,we can supply 3 inch,4 inch,5 inch,7 inch and even larger diameter flexible polishing pad and also can make pad according to customer request,We choose the best quality raw materials such as:resin powder , velcro backer and adhesives to guarantee our pads can offer good polishing performance,we improve the polishing pad quality through stone polishing experience by our production engineers.
Dry polishing pad

Diamond Dry granite Polishing Pads

Diameter Pad Thickness Polishing Pad Grit Size Work type
3inch(76.2mm) 1.2mm 50# 100# 200# 400# 800# 1500# 3000# Dry polishing
50# 100# 200# 400# 800# 1500# 3000# Buff# Buff#
Diamond dry granite polishing pad is velcro backed polishing pads for granite & marble polishing without water/coolant.
The dry use granite flexible polishing pads are suitable for spot polishing job and additional partial working,this pad featuring much more flexible than normal dry polishing pad,it is ideal for concave & convex as well as flat surface polishing.
Buff pad

BUFF Diamond Polishing Pads
(white buff and black buff)

The BUFF flexible polishing pads used 4" x 2mm thick buffing pad for finished marble and granite polishing. This black Buff resin polishing pad is used for all natural stone except white and very light colored stone. Use the white buffing pad for white and light colored stone.
   Diameter         Buff Pad Thickness
3" inch pad 2.0mm
4" inch pad
5" inch pad
Our flexible polishing pad products achieved excellent working result from North America, UK, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Brazil and Indian foreign markets.
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